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a magazine dedicated to the transformations of berlin kreuzberg-neukölln. a portray and a way of describing what is going on, by making use of different focus: the international youth coming to berlin, its visual revitalization of political drop-out-isms, its retrostyles, its vague connection to the protests worldwide (northafrica, greece, israel, spain,..), its immanent taking into account of a possible end of capitalist functioning, its willing DIY-style, the phenomenon of a generation, which doesn't need any difference to their parents styles and attitudes, and its weird ignorance of the local german-turkish reality of kreuzberg-neukölln. and, too, an accompanying vehicle for a film (to be realized in summer 2012)

new folk



a project to spot a location and the way people
make use of it. a project to create a time-image 2011,
a portrait of these people, that are using
kreuzberg-neukölln as a tool to ... to -- what?
 maybe: to undo effort, or: to suspend the rule
of money, to forget life's destinations,
to pastiche revolution, to ...