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Der Protest aus der Zukunft

Die griechische »Bewegung der Empörten« ist ein Faktor in der europäischen Politik, der sich nicht mehr ignorieren lässt. Sie treibt derzeit die Entscheidungsapparate vor sich her. von Margarita Tsomous

spielfilm: TAHRIR 2011
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über die bewegung in spanien,ein kommentar in der taz von raul zelik

der sender freies neukölln ist in spanien gewesen + berichtet per videoblog.

udi aloni on jaffa tents september 2011
mute riot round up august 2011
greece in debt, eurozone in crisis, the nation, july 2011
greece streets, youtube, july 2011
greece streets II, youtube, july 2011
when advertissement + agit-prop are the same: a clip on the spanish revolution via youtube
(found on this website)
"On May 22nd, a week after thousands of people across Spain turned a series of demonstrations into massive sleep-ins that are still holding strong, the conservative PP won a historical victory in the municipal and regional elections." more
Umbruch in Spanien: Digitale Revolution und analoger Wahlkampf in der Provinz berlinergazette.de/umb...

greek left review

conceptual map of the spanish' movement (in spanish)

adam curtis on bbc: '"On Facebook and Twitter, you are performing to attract people – you are dancing emotionally, on a platform created by a large corporation. People's feelings bounce back and forth – happy Stakhanovites, ignoring and denying the system of power. It's like Stalin's socialist realism. Both Twitter and socialist realism are innocent expressions of the ideology of the time, which don't pull back and show the wider thing they are part of. We look back on socialist realism not as innocent but as a dramatic expression of power; it expresses the superiority of the state, which was the guiding belief at the time. I think sometime in the future people will look back at the millions and millions of descriptions of personal feelings on the internet and see them in similar ways. This is the driving belief of our time: that 'me' and what I feel minute by minute is the natural centre of the world. Far from revealing that this is an ideology – and that there are other ways of looking at human society – what Twitter and Facebook do is reinforce the feeling that this is the natural way to be."

post by marina vishmidt, who adds: he further opines that the revolutions in the Middle East (and presumably would say the same about the Spanish gatherings now) are part of this same phenomenon inasmuch as they ask for 'freedom' and 'democracy' but have no vision of the kind of society they want to establish, which I guess goes back to his ideas about 'negative freedom', 'possessive individualism' and rights as a privative concept in The Trap, et.al.

Thousands protest economic crisis, high unemployment in Spain, al goodman, cnn, may2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011 A new Spanish Revolution? Tahrir comes to Madrid as crisis of democracy deepens

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