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illiberal arts
ed. by Anselm Franke und Kerstin Stakemeier,
978-3-942214-41-4 engl. 386 p. € 34,-

The liberal capitalist world order that prevailed after 1989 is today in a stage of advanced disintegration. The collapse of this order exposes the illiberal core of its freedoms and forms of ownership shaped by the market: the violent unfreedoms of the dispossessed as well as the willingness of the propertied to use violence. Art, too, reveals itself as the venue of these forces and their exclusions: Through the downfall of liberality, the modern institution of “veranstaltlichte Kunst” (“institutionalized art”, Arnold Hauser) and its social legitimacy are also increasingly called into question.


Juli Carson The Hermeneutic Impulse
2019, 80 Seiten, zahr. farbige Abb. ISBN 978-3-942214-33-9 . 9,- Euro

How to do hermeneutics after deconstruction
with Sharon Hayes, Mary Kelly, Omar Mismar and Kerry Tribe.


shelf documents: art library as practice
with drawings by Heide Hinrichs
Edited by Heide Hinrichs, Jo-ey Tang and Elizabeth Haines.

Published by Track Report, Antwerp and b_books, Berlin.
January 2021, 268 pages, 978-3942214384 euro 18,- €

undeclared movements Krystian Woznicki
Undeclared Movements

288 pages with 122 full-page color images · ISBN: 978-3-942214-31-5  Preis 15€

Highly complex, thoroughly networked societies are so susceptible in some ‘neuralgic spots’ that a single pinprick is enough to trigger a catastrophic chain reaction. In this insecure situation, threats are being amplified by neoliberal restructuring in the form of privatization and technological rationalization. Thus, rather than creating sustainable public structures that would make it easier to avert preventable harm, already precarious lifeworlds are made even more precarious. Aggravating these insecurities is neoliberal governmentality’s attempt to incorporate threats as capitalizable assets. Here, the idea of prevention is displaced by preemption—a strategy of making potential threats securable and hence available for political and economic speculation.

live A Live Gathering: Performance and Politics in Contemporary Europe
edited by Ana Vujanović with Livia Andrea Piazza
2019 . 978 3 942214 29 2, 256 pages, 20 ,- Euro

The main question we raise with this book is how performance can be political in present day European representative democracy, a system which no longer draws on the live gathering of people. Several leading European (mostly female) thinkers analyse artistic practices that have emerged alongside new social movements – such as Solidarity in Greece or Municipalism in Spain – investigating how theatre, dance and performance respond to the new political insights and experiments. It is a context wherein the previously well-known tactics and tools, such as participation, identity politics or spontaneous usage of public space don’t suffice. Thus we must build and learn a new vocabulary of politicality of performance that includes opaque words such as ‘innervation’, ‘preenactment’, ‘prefiguration’ or ‘recreation’.

faith is Public Sphere by Performance
Bojana Cvejic & Ana Vujanovic
(ed. by TkH)
2012  .  184 pages  .   978-3-942214-10-0  . 16 €
b_books (in cooperation with co-publisher: Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers)


Ana Hoffner The Queerness of Memory
2018 ∙ 152 Seiten ∙ zahlreiche s/w und Farbabbildungen 18 Euro ∙
ISBN 978-3-942214-26-1

"The Queerness of Memory" proposes ways of remembering a past that cannot be clearly seen, one which is loaded with affective confusion, historical disorientation and the desire to return to that which still hurts. Ana Hoffner's series of art works and writings that are assembled in this book explore the politics of trauma and post '89 memory through the lens of queerness. How to give a post-memorial account based on non-biological transnational kinship relations? How to interrogate images of war from a distance? The author challenges the notions that fantasy and memory are exclusively imagined or remembered scenarios: facing the trauma of others, when it is not directly experienced but transferred through documents, reports or narratives, requires further processes of dis/identification and performative practices like retelling, rereading, restaging, looking or imagining. By experimenting with techniques that stem from the reservoir of unconscious visual impressions, the book opens up questions about the embodied structure of memory, refusing the supposed dichotomy of war and peace time.

I is for Impasse
Affektive Queerverbindungen in Theorie_Aktivismus_Kunst
Käthe von Bose, Ulrike Klöppel, Katrin Köppert, Karin Michalski & Pat Treusch (Hg.)
978 3 94221 421 6 . € 16,-

Mit Beiträgen von: Ann Cvetkovich, Chris Tedjasukmana, Anja Michaelsen, Jack Halberstam, Flamingo Shadow, Mike Laufenberg, Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Henriette Gunkel, Elahe Haschemi Yekani, Beatrice Michaelis, Heather Love, Ins A Kromminga

faith is Tim Stüttgen IN A QU*A*RE TIME AND PLACE
Post-Slavery Temporalities, Blaxploitation, and Sun Ra’s Afrofuturism between Intersectionality and Heterogeneity
Editors for the Tim Stüttgen Archiv: Max Jorge Hinderer, Liad Kantorowicz, Nicolas Siepen, Margarita Tsomou

2014, 188 S. Englisch, zahlreiche farb und s/w Abb.
978-3-942214-16-2 18 €

faith is Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller
ed. by Chloé Griffin
Contributions by John Waters, Mink Stole, Gary Indiana, et al.
2014  . 340 pages  .  9783942214209  . 22 €

Archivarbeit als künstlerische und kuratorische Praxis der Gegenwart
Archive Work as a Contemporary
Artistic and Curatorial Practice

17x24,5 cm, 288 Seiten, 4 farbig
Texts in original language german or engl., 
€ 25,-

faith is Faith is the Place. the Urban Cultures of Global Prayers
metroZones – Center for Urban Affairs (Ed.)

Berlin 2012, 308 p. all colour. engl.  978-3-942214-04-9   22 € 


Post Porn Politics
Queer_Feminist Perspective on the Politics of
Porn Performance and Sex_Work as Culture Production

Ed. by Tim Stütgen
2009 · 300 S. ·
23 x 16 x 2,6 cm
. € 27 €

out of print

beton Wer sagt denn, dass Beton nicht brennt, hast Du's probiert?
who says concrete doesn't burn, did you try?

Film im West-Berlin der 80er Jahre / West Berlin Film in the '80s
Hg./Eds. Stefanie Schulte Strathaus & Florian Wüst
Engl./Dt. 240 S .
978-3-933557-90-2, . € 22,-

urban makers

Urban Makers
Parallel Narratives on Grassroots Practices and Tensions
Edited By
Emanuele Guidi
2008 . englisch . zahlreiche s/w und Farbabbildungen.  272
ISBN 978-3-933557-92-6 . € 20 ,-

normal love
precarious work. precarious sex. Ausstellungskatalog
Hg. von Renate Lorenz
2007, deutsch/ englisch,
mit Texten von José Esteban Munoz, Renate Lorenz & vielen Abb., teils in Farbe
ISBN 978-3-933557-71-1 . € 14,80

Gespräche über Erinnerung in der Berliner Republik
Conversations on Memory in the Berlin Republic

Hg. Xavier Laboulbenne, Aljoscha Weskott
Englisch/Deutsch . 416 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-933557-88-9 . € 10


stagings. Kabul, Film & Production of Representation
Sandra Schaefer
142 Seiten, zahlr. Farbabbildungen,
engl., ISBN 978-3-933557-99-5  € 16,-

Die Gewalt des Zusammenhangs/
Coercing Constellations

Raum, Referenz und Repräsentation bei Fareed Armaly
Helmut Draxler
reihe polypen  223 S. - dt./engl.
ISBN 978-3-933557-68-1 . € 22,-

godard I Said I love. That is the promise
The tvideo politics of Jean-Luc Godard.
Die TVideopolitik von Jean Luc Godard

James, Gareth / Florian Zeyfang (Hg.)
oe~ critical reader in visual cultures #4
2003 · englisch / deutsch · 350 S. · 
· € 16,-   


PABELLÓN CUBA: 4D – 4 Dimensions, 4 Decades
Edited by Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Alex Schmoeger, Eugenio Valdés Figueroa, Florian Zeyfang
Format 15x23cm, Paperback/englische Bindung
448 S., 170 Abb. (65 in Farbe) Languages: English, Spanish
ISBN 978-3-933557-72-8  34 €

a handbook of performance strategies
ein handbuch zu performancestrategien

Ed./Hg. Ulrike Müller
critical readers in visual culture #5
dt./engl. 300 S.
ISBN 3-933557-70-4 . € 16,-

Capital (it fails us now)
Simon Sheikh (Ed.)
· oe~
critical readers in visual culture #6
2006 · 368 p.
· english 
zahlr. meist farb. Abb. - 17 x 14,5 cm
978-3-933557-69-8 . € 16,-

in Dance, Choreography and Performing Arts
Follow up Reader of MODE05
254 S. · deutsch / englisch
ISBN 3-933557-82-8. € 10,-


Spektakel, Lustprinzip oder das Karnevaleske?
Spectacle, Pleasure Principle or the Carnevalesque?
Hg.: Sönke Gau, Katharina Schlieben

englisch/deutsch . 30 s/w Bilder
ISBN 978-3-933557-78-0 . € 24,-

mit Beiträgen von u.a: Gerald Raunig, Robert Pfaller, Sabine Kock,
Maurizio Lazzarato ...

Ein Reader über Möglichkeiten, Differenzerfahrungen und Strategien des Karnevalesken in kultureller/ politischer Praxis.

A reader on Possibilities, Experiences of Differences and Strategies of the Carnevalesque in Cultural/Political Practice


Zu einem Fall von verschärfter Flüchtlingspolitik /

On a case of intensified refugee politics.
Ein Bildzyklus. Gespräche und Texte. /

An image cycle, converstions and texts
Dierk Schmidt
Reihe polypen .
english / deutsch
2005 · 114 S. ·
978-3-933557-50-6  · € 17,-

been there
Paperback, 300 S., 1992
ISBN: 978-3-933557-12-4 . € 21,.

situs Situationistinnen und andere
von J.U.P.
german, with an english foreword by Renée Green
ISBN 978-3-933557-24-7 . € 9,50

cover In the Place of the Public Sphere?
Simon Sheikh (Ed.) · oe~
critical readers in visual culture #5

2005 · 272 p. · english
978-3-933557-49-0 · 14,80 €


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