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Cheap (Hg.)
Cheap book
2004 · 100 S. · 15 € · ISBN 3-933557-56-9

Fotos / Videostills / Zeichnungen:
Steffi Antoniou, Annette Frick, Jochen Heilek, Wilhelm Hein, Iza Rogulska, Pia Thilmann, Nina Thorwart
Copi, Vaginal Davis, Hedy Lamarr, Carmen Miranda, Agnieszka Osiecka, Jack Smith, Ronald Tavel

CHEAP is an international group of artists based in Berlin who create performance events that integrate film, theater, music, and fashion.
CHEAP events strive to produce a social and political critique that is playful and sexy. In 2002, they hosted CHEAP Klub, a monthly queer club in Podewil, that also traveled to Warsaw, Krakow, and Zurich.

They have just published CHEAP book and are currently preparing Eine Nacht Weniger, a theater project and film series in homage to the Italian theater and film director, Carmelo Bene, to be presented at  HAU and at the Kino Arsenal in January, 2005.