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Tim Stüttgen (Ed.)
Queer_Feminist Perspective on the Politics of Porn Performances and Sex_Work as Cultural Produktion
b_books 2009, 370 S. various graphics & photos, € 27,-
isbn 978-3-933557-76-6

What happens after the pornographic moment? What is the post. . . in porn? What is post to the term that is porn? Why watch porn? Why not? Or why not look for “other” porn? Why not produce post-porn? How do we theorize sex performance?
How do we produce new body- and sex-technologies? How do we celebrate critical pleasures? How do we analyze and criticize without censorship? Why affirm the fetish? Why sexualize alienation? How do we intensify the relation between theory and practice? Why is power sexy? Why is the body a victim of capitalist commodification? Why don´t we perform and show sex differently, instead of idealizing a way back to nature? A symposium on the biopolitics of pornography.

The concept called "post-porn" was invented by erotic photographer Wink van Kempen and made popular by sexwork-activist and performance artist Annie M. Sprinkle. It claimed a new status of sexual representation: Through identifying with critical joy and agancy while deconstructing its hetero/normative and naturalising conditions, Sprinkle made us think of sex as a category open for use and appropriation of queer_feminist counter-pleasures beyond the victimising framework of censorship and taboo.

Contributions by:
Murat Aydemir (Visual / Cultural Theorist, Amsterdam)
Bruce La Bruce (Queer Filmmaker, Berlin / Toronto)
Maxime Cervulle (Queer Theorist, Paris)
Shu Lea Cheang (Cyber_Visual Artist, Paris / Taiwan)
Katja Diefenbach (Political Philosopher, Maastricht / Berlin)
Lee Edelman (Queer Philosopher, Tufts University / USA)
Stephan Geene (Political Theorist,Berlin)
Werner Hirsch (Drag_King / Performance Artist, Berlin)
Katrien Jacobs (Visual / Media Theorist, Hong Kong)
Maria Llopis / GirlsWhoLikePorno (Filmmaker / Activist, Barcelona)
Bubu De La Madeleine (Performance Artist / Sexwork Activist, Osaka / Kyoto)
Matteo Pasquinelli (Political / Media Theorist, Amsterdam / London)
Beatriz Preciado (Queer Philosopher, Barcelona)
Annie M. Sprinkle (Performance Artist / Sexwork Activist, San Francisco)
Elizabeth M. Stephens (Visual / Performance Artist, San Francisco)
Terre Thaemlitz (Audio / Visual Artist, Kawasaki / Japan)
Cosey Fanni Tutti (Audio / Visual Artist, London)
Todd Verow (Queer Filmmaker, New York)
Tobaron Waxman (Visual Artist / Toronto, New York)
William Wheeler (Drag_Queen / Performance / Video Artist, Berlin / Mississipi)
Michaela Wünsch (Cultural / Queer Theorist, Berlin)
Chantal Zakari (Visual Artist / Media Researcher, Boston)