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Urban Makers
Parallel Narratives on Grassroots Practices and Tensions
Edited By
Emanuele Guidi

Berlin: b_books, 2008

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272 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-933557-92-6
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Tactics, contingent on a variety of factors, including related circumstances,time and place, are, as Michel de Certeau writes an operative model of the popular culture known as "the art of the weakest", for people employ tactics such as unauthorized construction in the course of resolving emergencies, earning a living, or simply meeting personal needs. These tactics of daily living are not easily codified or even made explicit. They depend heavily on the element of surprise, the path of least resistance, and existing materials. They remake or re-interpret tradition. They sometimes produce innovative results. (from Telling Stories, Urban Tactics under the Volcano. F. Ippolito)

Stichworte: Urbanismus, Architektur, Aktivismus